If you’re lucky enough to be hanging out in the small community of K59, when the high tide comes and the waves feel like chilling, you can easily join the locals at this “natural” pool.

A Historical Gem: Built by the Court of Accounts

This pool (built out of rocks so that makes it natural, right?) was built by the Corte de Cuentas, or Court of Accounts in El Salvador some years ago. The Court of Accounts is an independent public law entity. It oversees the Public Treasury and budget.

Sister Beaches: K59 and K61

K59 is basically a sister to K61. You literally walk north of K59, cross the river mouth, and along this walk to K61, you’ll find this pool and some friendly locals eating fresh mariscos, listening to music, and jamming out. If the waves are pumping, you’ll see us out there catching the best K59 surf photography there is! We’ll point you in the right direction.

Now, what does the pool look like when the tide is low? Many still hang out in it, but the filtration system is questionable.

Yes, there are some little snack shacks—not quite restaurants—where you can find munchies, drinks, and beers. These pool snack shacks and this hangout spot are more rustic, but the sunset here can’t be beaten. On days like this, it’s full because the waves don’t have much to give, but there can still be the entertainment of a few hopeful surfers aiming to catch waves. And if it’s any of the locals out there, despite the seemingly lack of waves, they will do an air or some cool move you didn’t think was possible on such a small surface of a wave.

If you want a sit down restaurant, as of June 2024 there is really only one, and it has a great view! Check out Restaurant K59.

In the video, you can see a small K61 day, but don’t let that fool you!