When visiting K59 to surf, there aren’t many spots to eat—yet. We know that’s going to change because K59 is such an awesome, lovely spot. As local surf guides, we love our community, and as long as you’re cool with us, we know you will too! While we know the time is coming when all of this will change, we hope you visit us before that happens. We are definitely in the “before” of the “before” and “after” photo.

The K59 Restaurant: A Local Favorite

Although there are just a handful of food options while visiting, we’ll let you in on all the secrets. One of them is the K59 Restaurant or Restaurante KM59 It’s a classic spot to eat breakfast, get a coffee, enjoy a non-alcoholic cocktail, and take in the view. The menu offers a wide range of traditional Salvadoran foods. We encourage you to try the “tipico” breakfast, complete with delicious plantains on the side. It’s located on the curve just before you drive into the community, right next to the well-known Mirador—where surfers stop to check the waves before heading into K59.

Surf Photography at K59

As surf photographers at K59, we can’t lie—this is one of our favorite spots to eat and shoot videos. The restaurant offers an awesome angle unique to any other spot on land. Especially during high tide, you can catch some great close-up angles of surfers on the waves.

Classic Salvadoran Treat

Back to the non-alcoholic cocktail—it’s also a classic Salvadoran treat. It’s a mix of seafood, including conchas. Try it! But don’t forget to squeeze the lime juice, because they might still be alive!

When to Visit

The food is great, the view is great, and the service is great. It’s all around a fun place to try out, but be sure to come when it’s open! They open for breakfast around 7 a.m. and close by 4:30 p.m. Closing at that hour is a little too early for a sunset view, but we’ll make the suggestion and see if they come around to it!

K59 restaurant sign
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